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Our Promise: Computer Network Support for Continued Success

As services and technologies change over time, we have the local expertise to make sure you get the best possible performance from internal and external networks. Maybe you’re interested in cloud computing services, or you’d like to upgrade an in-office network? Perhaps you’re having performance or reliability problems with your in-office network?

We can make sure your network is performing at its best. Your network support will include data backup, as well as server and equipment maintenance.

Think IT Australia is the most trusted leader in IT support for Adelaide and area businesses and for good reason. We are more than ready to fix these issues with our computer networking services. In the ever-changing digital age, new problems arise just as fast as new advances. You need a computer networking services team that’s ready for anything.

We have helped local businesses find success on the national and international level with our customized IT service and support. Whether your business needs a state-of-the-art network built from the bottom up or you need an existing network brought up to speed, our specialists can handle the job.
Your business’ network can either be its weakest link or its strongest asset. Give your company the power and speed to stay on top of the competition and cover all of your clients’ needs with tailor-made computer network services from us.
You can relax with network support from Think IT Australia. We don’t want you to worry about whether or not your network is running – we almost want you to forget that it’s there. That’s when we know we’re doing our job.
Your business has unique needs and we tailor our support to every company we work with. The experts at Think IT Australia are familiar with organizations like yours. As local service providers, we understand the environment so you get expert advice from professionals who understand the realities of your region.

Services We Provide

Wireless Configuration and Network Security
Routing and Switching
Firewalls and Security Applications

An ill-fitting computer network won’t just put your company at a disadvantage from the start. It can also be dangerous to your staff, your customers and your business as a whole. Common problems include:
  • Internet slowdown: Slow internet speeds are arguably the most detrimental issue for your business. In the office, your staff will be less productive. On the street, your customers will grow frustrated with your service. A small slowdown can quickly turn into big losses.
  • Security breaches: An updated firewall and proper Wi-Fi security solutions are crucial to protect your business and your customers’ private information. A lapse in security will result in the eroding trust of your clientele at best. At worst? You’ll find yourself facing legal action.
  • Connectivity issues: A well-oiled machine doesn’t choke and sputter, and neither should your network. Dropped connections can disrupt internal processes and are infuriating to customers seeking support.
  • Data loss: Your data is your bread and butter. Infrequent or interrupted backups can result in an irretrievable loss of data (and therefore, profit) for your company.